A key requirement for organizational effectiveness is communication; seamless communication between individuals and across all levels of the organization, and this requirement is even more critical for organizations that operate a rotational system.

Handover seeks to assure the seamless and efficient transfer of high-quality information between individuals at the time of transition of responsibility. It has been suggested that major notable incidents such as the BP Texas City Refinery Explosion (2005), Buncefield Fire (2005), Esso Longford Gas Explosion (1998), Continental Express Aircraft Crash (1991), and Occidental Piper Alpha Explosion (1998) could have been avoided if a quality handover system existed.

With Handover installed as an add-in to your email tool, the preparation of handover notes becomes effortless, and organizations can rest assured that critical information required for continuity in operations is efficiently transferred between individuals/teams

On machines where Handover© is installed, users can access the add-in by launching the software to open up a new window pane in MS Outlook where in Handover© can be configured and utilized.

Advantages of using Handover©

  1. The add-in provides a quick and real-time opportunity to define and create a handover report utilizing an easy-to-use tool that is intuitive, and it takes away the possibility of omitting pertinent information which can happen when a handover report is not created real-time
  2. Projects not completed during a shift/rotation are kept in users view until completion. This can help with ensuring that tasks are not left undone, a situation which can lead to inefficiencies which in turn result in cost-overruns, safety issues, where critical information required by stakeholders may not be passed on to back-to-backs resulting in incidents
  3. Simple and clean UI that exploits Microsoft’s rich collection of icons, responsive layout and typography