Hfactor© Mobile App

Hfactor© is a speech correction app created to help correct the “H-factor” impediment, a phenomenon which is prevalent amongst peoples of Western Nigeria. At the time of its launch, it will be the most intuitive and sophisticated solution available on the market for correcting this speech impediment.

Currently in its developmental state, this app will be made available on both Android and iOS stores and will provide a fun-learning effective experience for users.

The H-Factor phenomenon “occurs” when words which don’t carry the “h” sound are pronounced with an “h” preceding the actual word or when words that ordinarily should be pronounced starting with “h” are enunciated without the “h”. It occurs when those with this speech impediment attempt to pronounce words that start with a vowel (i.e. words which when pronounced begin with a, e, i, o, or u), or attempt to pronounce words that begin with “h” immediately followed by a vowel sound.

Those with H-Factor do not have a physical handicap but the phenomenon occurs from habitual wrongful pronunciation of these words.

The HFactor© app has been designed to provide lessons and exercises that will guide users through the process of correcting this impediment in an effective and fun way.